“A Conversation. Matching Pairs”, ESTA GALLERY, Gliwice 2.09.2022 – 31.10.2022

A Conversation. Matching Pairs.
Wanda Gołkowska + Jan Chwałczyk / Ludmiła Popiel + Jerzy Fedorowicz

Vernissage: 02.09.2022 (Friday), 18.00
Exhibition: 05.09 – 31.10.2022
Raciborska 8, 44-100 Gliwice

Concept authors: Jolanta Studzińska, Agnieszka Popiel, Paulina Olszewska

In collaboration with: Fundacja “Osieki” im. Jerzego Fedorowicza i Ludmiły Popiel

A Conversation
Agnieszka Popiel

“Because conversation is the most important thing,” observed Jerzy Fedorowicz in 2018. But why conversation? Conversation as a polemic? Conversation as an exchange of information? Conversation as a chance to be together? Conversation as a search for the truth? Conversation as a process? Conversation on art? Art as conversation? Conversation as an artistic process? Conversation as a catalyst for art? […]
It is no accident that these particular artists, privately living as couples, so strongly underscored the importance of conversation. In their case, it had become an immanent element of their artistic endeavours, entailing in-depth consideration of phenomena occurring both within and beyond art in an atmosphere of togetherness and openness to shared  analyses and considerations of the behaviour of others. […]
The 25 years of conversations held between the four artists also marked a period of great transformations within the realm of art itself. In this context, the function of conversations also evolved: from accompanying commentary on artistic creation, through reflection of the very nature of creativity and art exploring itself, to conceptual art whose eminent representatives included the four interlocutors themselves. Some of the conversations were likely catalysts for creative processes materialised in the form of artworks and artistic initiatives.
CONVERSATION – ART a thought that connects 
Paulina Olszewska

The friendship between the four creators developed into a quadrangle of interrelations that facilitated the exchange of thought, information, and mutual inspiration. Undoubtedly, it must have significantly influenced the art and creative attitudes of each member of the group. All four subscribed, both theoretically and practically, to the postulate according to which art is created through exchange of information and mutual interactions, as well as recognised the superiority of shared creativity over conceptual originality and individual authorship. […]
When analysing the outputs of the two artistic pairs, one can note distinctive stages in their respective interactions and overlaps.
Jolanta Studzińska

The exhibition organised at the ESTA gallery in Gliwice presents the output of four authors, and simultaneously two artistic and personal duos: Ludmiła Popiel with Jerzy Fedorowicz and Wanda Gołkowska with Jan Chwałczyk. Both couples were brought together by years of friendship accompanied by a shared outlook and deep fascination with art. Inspiring conversations that usually evolved into lively discussion on the nature thereof formed the basis of an in-depth reflection that used the language of art to express authentic and fundamental values. Deliberations expressed in the presented art reflected a shared outlook and affinity in the reception of reality.
            The presented  artists jointly contributed to a number of exhibitions over the course of three decades (in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s), albeit always as part of larger ensembles. “A Conversation. Matching Pairs” is the first exhibition dedicated exclusively to their work. In the single venue, the works are juxtaposed, emphasising the differences, similarities and  convergences in this unique dialogue of signs, forms, concepts, and thoughts. One cannot fail to observe the evident mutual respect and artistic co-reliance, the partnership and mutually reciprocated support in the relationships, which does not, however, negate individuality of expression or clarity of attitudes. One can almost hear the conversations about art in its many forms and dimensions, always  with utmost respect for diversity and interexchange of ideas.